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ALERT - To ensure we continue to fulfill our role as a provider of vital services to the public, we are still hiring and continue to recruit top talent to Wells Fargo. However, we have adjusted our hiring practices due to the COVID-19 situation and the related social distancing guidelines. As a result, throughout your application process, you may be asked to connect with us virtually. We encourage you to check our job postings regularly for updates and additions.

Learn what Wells Fargo is doing during the COVID-19 crisis to support our employees and protect our customers through enhanced cleaning, social distancing in bank branches, remote work arrangements, benefit changes, and more.

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Be Yourself.  Join a company that values you.  Wells Fargo.

Mark Tristan Ng, Segment Manager, Strategy & Enterprise Marketing talks about coming out as a gay man and finding acceptance at Wells Fargo:

I came out while I was in college and during that moment I had made a commitment to myself to really live as authentically as I could. I’m celebrating my ten year anniversary at Wells Fargo and it’s nice to look back and see that this has been a place that has not only encouraged that diversity, that has respected that diversity, but that has actually embraced it.  It was really important for me to find a company that allowed me to be myself and that allowed me to thrive. For me, Wells Fargo has been that place.

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Wells Fargo. Together we’ll go far