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MV 0218 2451 C 4MP

Diverse Segments Representation & Inclusion

JD 1013 121 B 4MP

About DSRI

Diverse Segments Representation and Inclusion (DSRI) - DSRI partners with Wells Fargo’s business leaders on the strategy, operations, and delivery of products and solutions specifically for diverse customer segments or underserved communities. This group is an important part of our overall commitments to advance our diversity efforts internally and externally. DSRI drives accountability for leading and advancing the Company’s diversity and inclusion efforts in the marketplace and workplace, with the goal of leading the financial sector in its contribution to closing the wealth gap of diverse communities. #DSRI

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) - DE&I commitments were established to help create a workforce that brings diversity of insights and perspectives to all levels of our company. These commitments place accountability on leaders to intentionally focus on improving diverse representation in more senior-level roles of the organization to more closely reflect our workforce and the customers and communities that we serve. Our top DE&I priority is to support our employees by bringing about meaningful change in diverse representation. The key principles of the design structure is to have centralized reporting and direction-setting that is aligned against priorities, and executives who will be held accountable for outcomes. Each LOB will be responsible for implementing and driving initiatives in a well-managed and robust control environment.