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Ready to redefine your career trajectory?

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Get ready to ignite your potential

Embark on a new wave of success with Wells Fargo's Glide – Relaunch program. If you're eager to reignite your career after a break, this is your golden ticket to a thrilling comeback.

We understand the immense value that professionals with career breaks bring to the table. We believe your career break holds the power to infuse fresh perspectives and innovative approaches into our organization. Here at Wells Fargo, we not only recognize your worth, but we appreciate the knowledge and insights you bring. We are committed to building a team that thrives on diversity and embraces the dynamic, ever-evolving world we live in.

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Introducing Glide – Relaunch UK & Ireland

Are you an experienced professional seeking a seamless transition back into the corporate world after a career break? Welcome to Glide – Relaunch, an exceptional 16-week return-to-work program exclusively designed for talented individuals like you.

What is Glide – Relaunch?

Glide – Relaunch is a transformative program offered by Wells Fargo, aimed at providing you with the essential resources and support needed to excel in your career journey after taking a break. This "returnship" opportunity offers a well-rounded experience that blends real-world work assignments with a comprehensive curriculum.

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Program highlights

Role-specific work (80%): You'll be deeply engaged in role-specific tasks, honing your skills and expertise in areas directly aligned with your chosen position. This hands-on experience will reignite your professional passion and propel your impact.

Program Manager-led curriculum (20%): Guided by seasoned program managers, you'll participate in a structured curriculum that includes coaching excellence, technical skills training, and valuable networking opportunities. These aspects ensure you stay ahead in today's dynamic corporate landscape.

Glide – Relaunch UK & Ireland Programs

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Banking Capital Markets

Develop strong relationship skills and industry knowledge with superior capital markets and advisory capabilities.

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MV 0303 2655 B EMEA

Chief Operating Office

Opportunities in Data Management and Insights, Business & Operational Resiliency, Change Management and Business Management.

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JD 1013 988 B EMEA

Corporate Functions

Risk, Compliance, Finance, Audit, and Human Resources are among the departments of our Corporate Functions Team.

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JD 1013 957 C EMEA

Global Markets - Sales & Trading

The EMEA Markets Division consists of sales and trading teams who cover regional institutional and corporate clients and trade fixed income products.

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MV 1110 02684 EMEA


Operations is responsible for supporting our front office trading efforts, customer due diligence, and CASS Assurance, ensuring there are rules and policies in place to safeguard our clients' assets.

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How to apply for the program

We will be accepting applications for the program soon. Please check back to this site at a later date for further information.