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Control Management

Explore a Control Management career

We invite you to consider being a part of an emerging new financial industry function. Control Management is an organization that collaborates with and influences front-line business groups and functions through assessment and mitigation of operational risk. The program incorporates real-world scenarios and experiences to help prepare you for a Control Management career at Wells Fargo. Program participants will have the opportunity to work within Control Management to support one of the Wells Fargo business divisions. At Wells Fargo, we are committed to a strong business-control infrastructure to protect the business and provide a positive client experience.

Participants may engage through various experiences in reporting and governance teams, control programs strategic design and infrastructure, risk identification and assessment, issue or event management, and/or through the design and evaluation processes.


What will you do?

Your responsibilities could include, but are not limited to:

  • Experiential learning on fundamentals of financial services, control functions, and risk
  • Developing partnership, consulting, regulatory focus, risk assessment, and other key competencies through classroom and on-the-job training
  • Taking part in a range of control projects, tasks, and activities to expose you to various Wells Fargo businesses, supporting execution of strategic priorities and reporting
  • Interfacing with various levels of business management and employees

Is this opportunity right for you?

Program structure and desired qualifications:

  • Full-time programs for recent graduates with undergraduate degrees. Program length is 24 months with four rotations across business groups and enterprise functions.
  • Summer internships for college juniors. Program length is 10 weeks with an opportunity post-graduation to commit to the full-time Program Analyst program.
  • BA/BS degree with an interest in any of the following: Business Administration, Finance, Economics, Technology, Statistics, Communication, Accounting, Mathematics, Analytics, Management and Risk Management or related business field
  • Demonstrated interest/experience in analyzing data and reporting, data visualization, and/or data insights
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • Demonstrated ability to navigate regular feedback, coaching, and mentoring during your program 
  • Ability to work in a fast paced, highly collaborative culture in both a face-to-face and virtual environment
  • Ability to take on a high level of initiative, responsibility, and accountability
  • Ideal candidate for this role must:
    • Have the ability to work in a fast-paced, highly-collaborative culture in both a face-to-face and a virtual environment
    • Be an energetic self-starter who proactively takes initiative, remains curious, and has a genuine interest in learning and growth
    • Possess leadership skills
    • Have the ability to take on a high level of responsibility and accountability
    • Have demonstrated ability to navigate regular feedback, coaching, and mentoring during the program

What does my future look like?

Potential career path after completion of the program could include:

  • After 1-year, Program Analysts promote to Program Associates
  • 2-year graduates place into Control Management Specialist positions

Where are the opportunities?

  • Charlotte, NC
  • Des Moines, IA


Helpful resources

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