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CIB MBA Diversity Fellowship

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Explore our fellowship program

The Corporate & Investment Banking MBA Diversity Fellowship is designed for top diverse MBA talent interested in Investment Banking. The program is reflective of Wells Fargo's commitment to building and sustaining a diverse and inclusive culture. The fellowship is designed to be a best-in-class program to pipeline high-potential underrepresented candidates into our Investment Banking Summer Associate Program, including female, Black/African American, Latinx/Hispanic, Asian, Native American/Alaskan Native and LGBTQIA+ students, as well as protected veterans and people with disabilities who are interested in Investment Banking. Eligible candidates will begin a full-time MBA program in the fall of 2022 and be available for a summer internship of 2023. Successful applicants will have a history of academic and/or professional achievement and a demonstrated interested in pursuing an Investment Banking career.

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What's included in the fellowship

The fellowship offers recipients $35,000 towards their 1st year MBA program upon receiving and accepting an offer for the Summer Associate Investment Banking internship. Recipients of the first-year fellowship award also may be eligible to receive an additional second year fellowship award in the amount of $40,000 if: they successfully complete the Summer Associate Investment Banking internship, they receive and accept a full-time offer of employment with Wells Fargo, and they meet the employment requirements and other terms and conditions of the second-year fellowship award opportunity.

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Application details

Thank you for your interest in the Corporate & Investment Banking MBA Diversity Fellowship opportunity.

To be considered for the MBA Diversity Fellowship you must meet the following criteria:

• Attend one of our in-house diversity recruiting events 
• Receive an offer as a result of your participation and interview at one of our in-house diversity recruiting events
• Interview for the MBA Diversity Fellowship. Note: Selection for an interview is based on your essay response

Application Essay Instructions

Please limit your essay response to no more than 500 words total. This must be included as part of your application to attend one of our In-house Diversity Recruiting events. Remember that application deadlines will vary for each event.

Application Essay Question

Share an example where you have meaningfully influenced diversity and inclusion (D&I) at school or work. Please include a specific example when one or more D&I assumptions was challenged or disproven.

Learn more about our in-house diversity recruiting events and Summer Associate Program.


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