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Christian Hviid, Wells Fargo Portfolio Manager

Designing custom investment strategies

Meet Christian Hviid, a self-described investment architect, who takes pride in designing investment strategy blueprints and building them out for his clients.

Christian is a senior investment strategist located in a Wells Fargo Private Bank office in Columbus, Ohio. Through a team approach, he designs clients’ wealth portfolios by implementing diverse investment strategies that connect to their overall wealth plans. Through the onboarding and discovery process, the team carefully considers each client’s goals and objectives to create a tailored investment plan. This collaborative, big-picture approach allows Christian to bring his creativity to the portfolio planning process.

“I help people give money purpose,” he explains. “It all comes together in a manner that is unique to their circumstances and needs.”

Approaching four years at Wells Fargo, Christian supports 79 households and oversees roughly $944 million in client wealth. With his 25 years in wealth and investment planning overall, Christian readily contributes his hands-on expertise client portfolio design, construction, implementation, and ongoing monitoring

Company-wide support and collaboration

The team structure supports Christian in providing the best products and a white-glove service experience to a smaller set of clients.

Prior to joining Wells Fargo, Christian ran his own investment firm. In contrast to being in business for himself, working on a Private Bank team combined with his entrepreneurial spirit gives him the scheduling flexibility to do his best work. He also enjoys a support system that provides layers of oversight and reviews to ensure the client experience is ideal.

“The investment platform is world-class,” Christian says. “We get the opportunity to serve both sides of the balance sheet for people.  Many of our competitors only look at a very small subset of the asset side of people’s personal balance sheet.”

Through relationship building and understanding his clients’ needs, Christian puts the scaffolding in place to create a portfolio that speaks to their ideals.

“If we need to align their investments with their values,” he goes on, “we offer different solutions that can try and make things more in-sync with their own view of the world.”

Why you should consider a career as a portfolio manager

Christian encourages everyone interested in advancing their career in wealth management to consider a career at Wells Fargo, where you’ll be backed by a strong team, rich collaboration, continuous learning, and industry-leading resources.

As Christian sums it up, “There’s the opportunity to collaborate with very smart people that span a broad set of disciplines within the wealth management arena. But then also the opportunity to go deep within those disciplines.”

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