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ALERT - To ensure we continue to fulfill our role as a provider of vital services to the public, we are still hiring and continue to recruit top talent to Wells Fargo. However, we have adjusted our hiring practices due to the COVID-19 situation and the related social distancing guidelines. As a result, throughout your application process, you may be asked to connect with us virtually. We encourage you to check our job postings regularly for updates and additions.

Learn what Wells Fargo is doing during the COVID-19 crisis to support our employees and protect our customers through enhanced cleaning, social distancing in bank branches, remote work arrangements, benefit changes, and more.

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[Headline on screen: Start your Career with Wells Fargo Wholesale Banking.]

[This is an animated video. Image of a Wells Fargo banking branch appears. Birds chirp. Music plays. Camera pans in on the bank branch.]

Announcer: You’re probably familiar with our retail products and services. For example, you might borrow money to pay for school,

[graduates toss their caps in the air]

Announcer: buy a new car,

[image of a car driving past trees to a house with a “Sold” sign in the yard]

Announcer: or possibly a new home. But did you know we also play a major role in local and global economies?

[Image of a construction crane along a city skyline and new buildings popping up]

Announcer: We might work with local real estate developers to help a thriving city grow. Or help companies get the money they need to bring innovative products to the masses,

[Image of people in a meeting brainstorming ideas on a chalkboard that dissolves into an image of a new bridge going up and a train passing by]

Announcer: or maybe help governments finance new projects, like a new bridge or light rail system. We call this part of Wells Fargo “Wholesale Banking”

[Camera zooms back to a skyline with a tall building with a Wells Fargo sign]

Announcer: and it’s an exciting place to work!

[Windows light up from top of the building down to the ground floor and the doors open]

Announcer: We’re looking for talented undergraduate students to join our team. It doesn’t matter if you majored in finance or philosophy.

[Words appear: Finance, Business, Economics, Liberal Arts, Art & Design, Engineering & Technology, Philosophy.]

Announcer: Start a career with Wells Fargo Wholesale Banking and you’ll go far.

 [Wells Fargo logo appears]

[Words appear: Relevant military experience is considered for veterans and transitioning service men and women. Wells Fargo is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer. Minority/Female/Disabled/ Veteran/Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation. Copyright 2016 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. All rights reserved.]