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Alicja Dymna 1600X1400

Alicja Dymna

Structured Products & Credit Sales Analyst

“The opportunities for learning and advancement here are substantial, making it a compelling place to build a career."


Can you talk me through your journey into finance?

My background is firmly rooted in finance. I completed my bachelor's degree in International Economics and Finance at Bocconi University in Milan. Following this, I pursued the first year of a Master's in Finance at the same institution. However, I then shifted my focus to financial regulation, completing a Master of Laws (LLM) in that field.

Finance has always been my intended career path. Initially, I was uncertain whether I would pursue a more academic and quantitative route in economics or venture directly into finance. Nevertheless, the overarching direction was clear. Post-LLM, I joined the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) and worked in their investigations unit for a year. This role involved delving into structured credit and collateralized loan obligations.

After my time at ESMA, I discovered an opportunity at Wells Fargo via LinkedIn, specifically for a position in markets. I have always been drawn to the energetic, lively, and dynamic environment of trading floors over the quieter, more solitary nature of private banking. The fast-paced, sometimes hectic setting, where multitasking is essential, is something I find incredibly fulfilling.

Reflecting on your experience with the graduate scheme at Wells Fargo, what was it like for you?

Going to Charlotte, North Carolina was a great experience. We met not only our graduate class from across EMEA and APAC but also got to interact with associates from the US. We had daily classes designed to ensure we all started our jobs on the same level with a solid understanding of finance. Being in the same location in a foreign country meant we spent a lot of time together, which made us become a tight-knit group with whom we share the ups and downs of being in early careers in an investment bank.

Even for those not based in London, there is a concerted effort to maintain connections with the London office. We are brought back to London quarterly for various graduate events, fostering a sense of inclusion and continuity regardless of geographical location. These sessions also allow us to interact with senior management from diverse areas of the bank, offering insights and opportunities for potential rotations or role changes. The social events further deepen these bonds, enabling us to share experiences and knowledge across different divisions.

Shifting focus to the culture at Wells Fargo, how have you found it as a place to work?

The culture at Wells Fargo is genuinely unique and friendly, which I think is rare in the banking sector. The environment is rigorous, and a lot is expected from us, but there is mutual respect. While stressful days can cause challenging moments, the overall atmosphere is one where I would happily socialize with any team member.

Our relatively small teams and flat structure enhance this collegial environment. In Paris, we are a close group, and I frequently interact with my Managing Directors, gaining insights directly from senior leadership. This accessibility extends to when senior management from other offices visit; even as an analyst, I get to engage with top executives in intimate settings, which is quite unique compared to larger, more hierarchical institutions. Additionally, there is a strong presence of women on the trading floor. The CEO of the Paris office is a woman, and five out of twelve people in the markets team are as well.

Considering your aspirations, where do you see yourself heading within Wells Fargo?

I aim to become highly skilled and knowledgeable in my field. Currently, I am part of the structured products and credit team, and I find this area deeply engaging. My goal is to grow my expertise, specialize in a field, which I believe will augment my contribution to our team and the broader organization. .

Finally, if you were discussing Wells Fargo with a friend considering offers from multiple banks, what would be your pitch for why they should choose Wells Fargo?

I would highlight two main points: the culture and the opportunities for growth. Wells Fargo offers a rigorous yet respectful work environment, which greatly aids personal and professional development. Additionally, the bank is poised for significant international growth. This progression, combined with direct access to senior management and the chance to be part of an expanding organization, makes Wells Fargo an excellent choice. The opportunities for learning and advancement here are substantial, making it a compelling place to build a career.