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Our culture

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A company culture we can all take pride in

We have adopted a set of principles to anchor our company culture. We call them our company Expectations, and they apply to every single employee, at every level, and in every role. The Expectations guide how we conduct ourselves, work with our colleagues, and make decisions. And they are the keys to our success, as people and as a business.


Our Expectations

Contribute to Wells Fargo’s transformation by doing what’s right, doing it well, and leading with an enterprise mindset.

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Embrace candor

Share clear, honest, direct feedback individually with your colleagues and in meetings so they are as productive as possible. Embrace respectful debate and dialogue.

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Do what's right

Set high standards for how you treat colleagues, customers, and clients.  If you see a problem, take ownership or get support to make things right.

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Be great at execution

Be clear about goals, track and report on them, and deliver a quality product on time. Use data to make decisions. Act with a sense of urgency. Strive to simplify transactions and end-to-end processes. Reduce risk in our control environment.

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Learn and grow

Embrace challenges with enthusiasm. Be tenacious in overcoming obstacles. Ask others for feedback; dedicate the time and effort to learn and grow. Take personal accountability for understanding and delivering on your goals and commitments.

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Champion diversity, equity, and inclusion

Contribute to a productive, engaged, and inclusive environment that values and respects differences. Educate yourself about unconscious bias and engage with everyone in a way that builds trust and understanding. Speak up, share unique perspectives, and encourage ideas that challenge your thinking. Build relationships with colleagues and customers who are different from you. Actively help each other succeed. 

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Build high-performing teams (for managers)

Attract and retain the best talent. Improve diverse representation across levels. Communicate a clear vision that engages and inspires employees. Set high expectations and support your team in accomplishing them. Recognize and reward successful performance; hold employees and managers accountable for achieving desired outcomes. Assess and develop your talent; grow their skills to meet business needs. Operate with a risk mindset and drive your team to do the same.

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