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JK 1212 2894 B 4MP

Public Affairs

TM 1214 0622 C 4MP

About Public Affairs

Public Affairs brings together teams responsible for engaging with the company’s stakeholders — those individuals and groups who can affect or be affected by Wells Fargo. To deliver the consistency and transparency that our stakeholders expect, we must understand their perspectives and connect our programs, strategies, and messaging so we can deliver in a One Wells Fargo manner.

Public Affairs builds trust, brand reputation, and positive business results for Wells Fargo. We enhance the company's societal impact and sustainability, execute strategic communications and brand management, and advocate for Wells Fargo's business priorities.

Our Teams

JK 1213 1242 B 4MP

Communications & Brand Management

Delivers strategic internal, external, and executive communications and is responsible for driving brand strategy, providing counsel to accelerate the business and deliver relevant content to build trust, drive stakeholder perception, and protect and enhance our reputation.

TM 1015 0885 C 4MP

Government Relations & Public Policy (GRPP)

Engages with policy makers and leaders at the federal, state, and local levels on public policy and regulatory matters. Includes six areas of practice: Federal Government Relations, State and Local Government Relations, Regulatory Relations, Public Policy, Political Programs, and External Relations.

JK 1213 1700 C 4MP

Social Impact & Sustainability

Develops strategic initiatives and corporate commitments to drive positive, innovative social impact and sustainability, manage critical environmental and social issues, and enhance our reputation as a leader in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance.

JK 1211 2412 C 4MP

Strategy & Transformation

Leads strategy, operating model, and cross-functional initiatives for Public Affairs. The team drives transformation, risk management, operational excellence, and efficiency, while measuring progress against our strategy, focusing resources, and defining success measures.