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Giving back to our communities

Making a difference in the lives of others

Wells Fargo Early Talent Analysts in six cities recently participated in volunteer events in partnership with local United Way chapters.  Read their stories to learn how giving back brought joy to more than just the recipients of these charitable efforts.


The power of volunteering

Jamir Withers, a finance program analyst, recently let his inner child shine as he volunteered to build literacy kits for children in grades first to fifth. During the two-day Early Careers offsite for analysts in Chandler, Arizona he built kits for second graders.

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ET Volunteers

Snacking for a purpose

Nikki Bouldin, a consumer credit risk analyst at Wells Fargo, recently had the opportunity to participate in an Early Careers offsite event in Charlotte, NC. This event had a purpose beyond a usual corporate retreat: to package snack packs for underserved children.

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Early Careers Programs Event Minneapolis

Serving the underserved

In a recent volunteer event at an Early Careers offsite, organized in collaboration with the Greater Twin Cities United Way, Maria Gonzalez, a Wells Fargo technology analyst, encapsulated her emotions in what could be described as an effervescent blend of shock, joy, and advocacy.

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