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Quantitative Analytics Program

Explore our Quantitative Analytics Program

The rotational Quantitative Analytics program is designed to provide you with the opportunity to gain comprehensive professional and industry experience that prepares you to develop, implement, calibrate, and validate various analytical models. Wells Fargo hires a number of PhDs and Master’s Candidates within the Capital Markets, and Risk Analytics and Decision Science teams.

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What will you do?

Your responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Developing and validating models for different uses under the direction of experienced team members according to the track of your choice: 

     The Capital Markets Track deals with the mathematical models for pricing, hedging and risking complex financial instruments. Wells Fargo trading portfolios include products in all traded asset classes such as credit, commodity, Equity, FX Rate, Mortgages, and Asset-Backed Finance.


     The Risk Analytics & Decision Science Track deals with the statistical, econometric, and machine-learning/AI models for a variety of applications, including loss and revenue forecasting, credit decisions, financial crimes, fair lending, operational risks, and analysis of unstructured data such as text and audio.

  • Use Python, R, C++, SAS, SQL or other programming languages as well as mathematical/statistical packages for model development and validation
  • Perform mathematical model development and validation (risk assessment) under the direction of experienced team members
  • Produce required documentation to evidence model development or validation
  • Understand business needs and providing possible solutions through clear verbal and written communications to management and fellow team members
  • Stay up to speed on industry challenges and new and innovative modeling techniques used across Wells Fargo to solve business problems or enhance business capabilities.
  • Participate in model related projects for varying purposes, methodologies and relevant lines of business



Is this opportunity right for you?

Program structure and desired qualifications:

  • Full-time program for Master's and PhD candidates. This is a 12-month rotational program that starts in July (1-month classroom training followed by two rotations).
  • Summer internship for Master's and PhD candidates. Program length is 10 weeks.
  • Enrolled in a Master’s or PhD program in: Statistics, Applied or Computational Mathematics, Computer Science, Economics, Physics, Quantitative Finance, Operations Research, Data Science, Engineering or related quantitative field or a related quantitative field
  • Excellent computer programing skills and use of statistical software packages such as Python, R, SAS, SQL, Spark, Java, and C++
  • Strong verbal, written communication and interpersonal skills
  • For the Capital Markets Track: Experience and demonstrated knowledge in mathematical and numerical methods including Monte Carlo methods, differential equations, linear algebra, applied probability, and statistics
  • For the Risk Analytics & Decision Science Track: Experience and demonstrated first-hand knowledge in a number of these areas: data analysis, statistical modeling, machine learning/AI models, data management, and computing

What does my future look like?

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be permanently placed in one of Wells Fargo's model development or model validation groups:

  • Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Model Development
  • Traded Products Model Development
  • Risk Modeling Group
  • Market and Counterparty Risk Analytics
  • Mortgage Model Development
  • Corporate Model Risk
  • Commercial Banking Model Development
  • Consumer Modeling

Where are the opportunities?

Summer internship and full-time opportunities are located in Charlotte, NC. Additional locations may be added based on business needs.


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