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Start your journey toward a rewarding finance career

Spring Week 2025

Are you an ambitious undergraduate student, filled with passion for finance and planning to step up into a top-tier career? Then look no further. Wells Fargo's Spring Week isn't just an insight week; it's your ticket to explore, discover, and launch your career in one of the world's leading financial institutions.


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What sets us apart

Tailor-made program: Our meticulously designed program gives you a taste of the dynamic world of investment banking and global markets.

Engaging workshops: Hosted by industry thought leaders, offering you a glimpse of what your future career could look like.

Networking opportunities: Connect with professionals from diverse backgrounds, including our DE&I networks, and build relationships that could shape your future finance career.

Training sessions: Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge needed to excel.

Shadowing opportunities: Immerse yourself in the heart of international business. Gain insights into Corporate Banking, DCM, FIG, credit, FX, Sales & Trading, laying the foundation for your future in finance.

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Why choose Wells Fargo Spring Week?

Global opportunities: As a leading global Bank, Wells Fargo is your gateway to a career where your ambitions can soar.

Diversity & inclusion: We celebrate difference and empower you to shape your own career and purpose.

Innovation & equity: Gain insights into how diversity fuels innovation in the financial world, propelling your career to new heights.

Lasting impact: Contribute to vital discussions on equity and inclusion, making a lasting impact from day one.

Career connections: Unlock doors to coveted summer internships and launch your finance career while we nurture your potential.

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How to apply

At Wells Fargo Investment Bank, we thrive on the exhilarating potential of diverse perspectives in shaping the future of finance. Join us in propelling the future of finance toward greater heights.


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