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Business Risk Control and Regulatory Oversight

Explore a Risk Control and Regulatory Oversight career

The Chief Operations Office (COO) Early Talent programs support the largest business within the Wells Fargo Enterprise family.  The three main channels under COO include Operations, Business Services, and Business Risk Control and Regulatory Oversight. Our programs are designed to help participants learn about specific segments of COO functions to help create and manage processes while growing your expertise.  

The Business Risk Control and Regulatory Oversight Early Talent programs encompass five unique pathways to learn and gain meaningful work experience while growing your expertise. At Wells Fargo, we are committed to a strong business-control infrastructure to protect the business and provide a positive client experience. Scroll below to learn detailed information about the five program pathways across Control Management, Enterprise Complaints Resolution, Regulatory and Policy Affairs, Risk Transformation and Execution, Sales Practices and Conduct Management.  

Control Management:  

Control Management is an organization that collaborates with and influences front-line business groups and functions through assessment and mitigation of operational risk. The program incorporates real-world scenarios and experiences to help prepare you for a Control Management career at Wells Fargo. Program participants will have the opportunity to work within Control Management to support one of the Wells Fargo business divisions.  

Participants may engage through various experiences in reporting and governance teams, control programs strategic design and infrastructure, risk identification and assessment, issue or event management, and/or through the design and evaluation processes.  

Unique qualities to this groups program experience include:  

  • Full-time program length is up to 24 months with four rotations across business groups, enterprise functions, operations, and/or central programming
  • Participants create their own career path by selecting their rotational experiences based on the skills they would like to develop, rather than being assigned to them 

Enterprise Complaints and Remediations:

Enterprise Complaints and Remediations (ECR) brings together key functions from across the company that help customers when they have concerns or have been adversely impacted: 

  • Enterprise Complaints listens to our customers to capture, understand, and address their concerns
  • The Customer Remediation Center of Excellence (CRCOE) helps customers affected if operational breakdowns occur
  • ​Customer Impact Assessment and Resolution Strategies (CIARS) is composed of five specialized teams dedicated to ensuring that customer impact is appropriately assessed and cared for by the responsible enterprise function or business group through the proper resolution strategy. These groups are responsible for the development and distribution of key executive reporting deliverables and strategic communications to critical audiences, and leads ECR-wide strategic planning efforts, defining its strategic priorities and monitoring the organization’s progress toward key objectives
  • The three operational business areas above are supported by several shared function support teams in the areas of risk and issue governance, exam management, systems and technology support, capacity and site planning, procedures, learning, communications, data, analytics, and reporting

Unique qualities to this groups program experience include:  

  • Program length is up to 24 months with four rotations across business groups and enterprise functions
  • Participants are assigned rotations based on skill set

Regulatory & Policy Affairs (RAPA) advises the enterprise on key regulatory, governance and policy objectives, coordinates regulatory and policy engagement across the enterprise, and fosters effective relationships between our regulators and senior policy leaders by executing key functions:  

  • Regulatory Relations​ manages regulatory engagements and interactions globally across the enterprise, establishing long-term strategy, governance, and communications. Regulatory Relations also facilitates integration of various regulatory commitments into proactive risk management initiatives, while collaborating with business, functional, and risk leaders across the company
  • Enterprise Policy Office​(EPO) develops, administers, and governs Wells Fargo’s policy management program, which promotes consistent, well-written, and fit-for-purpose policies and procedures to foster and support effective governance and management
  • Office of Consumer Practices (OCP) is a front-line advisory group that plays an important role ensuring our products, services, and business practices are fair and transparent to consumers and small businesses and reinforcing a customer centric culture at Wells Fargo
  • NonFinancial Regulatory Reporting Office partners with business groups and functions across the company to develop, implement, and maintain consistent business processes and governance around meeting nonfinancial regulatory reporting requirements

Unique qualities to this groups program experience include:   

  • Program length is 24 months
  • Participants are aligned directly to the interviewing business leader with hiring needs

Risk Transformation and Execution: 

The Risk Transformation & Execution Program is the company’s primary operational risk and control identification and assessment tool used to assess operational, compliance and model risks. RCSA helps to: 

  • Demonstrate an understanding of risks and controls
  • Reduce the cost of control by identifying duplicative and unnecessary controls
  • Provide confidence and assurance through change or during periods of stress

The Risk Transformation & Execution program team is dedicated to the governance and oversight of risk activities across the organization to ensure consistent execution and outcomes. 

Unique qualities to this groups program experience include:  

  • Program length is 24 months with two 12 month rotations
  • Participants are aligned directly to the interviewing business leader with hiring needs

Sales Practices & Conduct Management 

Sales Practices & Conduct Management is a front-line operation responsible for looking into reports of possible employee misconduct across Wells Fargo. The group analyzes trends and shares reporting and insights with business partners to support the company in managing conduct-related issues. 

Sales Practices & Conduct Management leads the Insider Threat and Conflicts of Interest programs, helping to protect Wells Fargo resources and ensure employees are acting in the company’s best interests. It is also home to the Loudspeaker program, which strives to improve our customer and employee experience through the solicitation of employee input and ideas. 

Unique qualities to this group’s program experience include:  

  • Program length is 24 months
  • Participants are aligned directly to the interviewing business leader with hiring needs and provided the opportunity to see multiple function inside that team

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What will you do?

Your responsibilities could include, but are not limited to:

  • Experiential learning on fundamentals of financial services
  • Developing partnership, consulting, regulatory focus, risk assessment, data analytics, and other key competencies through classroom and on-the-job training
  • Taking part in a range of team projects, tasks, and activities to expose you to various Wells Fargo businesses, supporting execution of strategic priorities and reporting
  • Interfacing with various levels of business management and employees 

Is this opportunity right for you?

Program structure and desired qualifications:

  • Summer internships for college juniors. Program length is 10 weeks with an opportunity post-graduation to commit to the full-time Program Analyst program
  • BA/BS degree with an interest in any of the following: Business Administration, Business Intelligence, Finance, Economics, Statistics, Technology, Communication, Accounting, Mathematics, Analytics, Political Science, Pre-law, Government, Policy and Management, Management and Risk Management or related business field  
  • Ability to work in a fast paced, highly collaborative culture in both a face-to-face and virtual environment 
  • Energetic self-starter who proactively takes initiative, remains curious and has a genuine interest in learning and growth
  • Possess leadership skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to prioritize multiple tasks
  • Ability to take on responsibility and accountability
  • Demonstrated ability to navigate regular feedback, coaching, and mentoring during your program 
  • Demonstrated interest/experience in analyzing data and reporting, data visualization, and/or data insights
  • Demonstrated ability to navigate regular feedback, coaching, and mentoring during your program 

Some of the open positions would benefit from candidates with one or more of the following professional skills or certifications:  

  • Data analytics, including experience in SQL, PowerBI, JIRA, SharePoint, and/or Tableau
  • Experience in Agile methodology
  • SIE Certifications
  • CAMS (Certified anti-money laundering specialist)
  • CRCM  (Certified regulatory compliance manager)
  • CAFP (Certified AML and Fraud professional)

Where are the opportunities*? 

  • Charlotte, NC  (ECR, CM, SPCM, RAPA, RT)
  • Dallas, TX (ECR, CM, RT, RAPA)
  • Des Moines, IA (ECR, CM, RAPA)
  • Minneapolis, MN (ECR, CM, RAPA)
  • New York, NY (CM, RAPA)
  • Phoenix, AZ (ECR, CM, RAPA)
  • San Antonio, TX (ECR, CM)
  • Salt Lake City, UT (ECR)
  • Louis, MO (ECR, RAPA)

* NOTE: Not all pathways offer all locations 

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