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Frequently asked questions

Covid-19 vaccination status

Typically, yes.  Certain roles, however, may require the employee to be vaccinated.  Talk to your recruiter and/or hiring manager to learn about vaccination requirements for the job to which you have applied.

Searching for jobs

Create a narrow search or cast a wide net

From the Search for Jobs page, you have two options:

  • Enter search criteria such as the job opening ID or job title, a keyword you want to see in the job title or description, or a location in the Search field.
  • Apply the filters located at the top of the page.

Understand targeted search

It is recommended to use targeted search. Because Search for Jobs is a global search tool, we recommend you use the search criteria and filters to narrow your list of job requisitions that match your areas of interest.


  • You may enter search field criteria without applying any filters or apply one or more filters without entering any search field criteria.
  • When you use a combination of search criteria and filters, it is necessary to enter information into the Search field to conduct your search, and then narrow down your results by using the filters. Or you can apply filters first and then utilize the Search feature.   
  • The job requisition list automatically updates when you make a selection in a filter category to display the requisitions that meet your criteria.   
  • You can make multiple selections in any given filter. For example, you can select multiple locations for specific states and cities. You may also make selections within more than one of the filter categories.
  • Within each filter a number appears next to each of the selections indicating the number of requisitions associated with that selection. The filter selections are not alphabetical. They are ordered in decreasing order by number of requisitions aligned to the filter selections.     
  • To clear your search criteria, click the Clear All button just below the filters at the top.

Understand the Search field

  • Keywords. You can narrow your search by using keywords that match those in the job title, job description, or qualifications.
  • Requisition ID. This is an identification number assigned to each job requisition. The format of the ID is R-XXXX. You must enter the “R-“.  

Understand the filters

  • Numbers in parentheses next to filter categories — e.g., California (43) — indicate how many job openings from your search results are in each filter category.  
  • You may apply multiple filter categories to a search (e.g., Location, Job Family Group), and within any filter category, you can apply multiple selections.
    • When you click any of the location filters, the tool populates job openings with those filter values (e.g., state, region, city). For example, if you select North Carolina for the state filter, the tool populates job openings that list North Carolina as the location. When a requisition shows Multiple, that position is open to more than one location.Location. There are four location filter categories: Region, Country, State, City. You can select multiple options for each category. You do not have to select a country or state before selecting a city. However, due to the number of cities we have business sites, it is recommended that you narrow a location search by country and/or state first.
  • Full or Part-Time Status. Search job openings by different statuses: full-time or part-time
  • Job Family Group. Search by Wells Fargo's job categories group. If a Job Family Group filter is applied, a user can search for jobs within a specific career area. Multiple job families can be selected to expand and enhance your search results.
  • Job Family. Search by Wells Fargo's job categories. If a Job Family filter is applied, a user can search by specific job family within a career area. Multiple job families can be selected to expand and enhance your search results.
  • Employee Type. This is available under ‘More’ category. Search job openings by different statuses: regular, fixed term, or flexible

Search Results

After you click the Search field or click on one or more filter options, the page refreshes with a list of jobs that meet your criteria.

From this list you can:

  • See high-level information about the jobs that meet your search criteria.
  • See a detailed job description by clicking the individual listing which will display the requisition details in a split screen view enabling you to retain your original search results.

Job titles sometimes contain abbreviations or acronyms. You may want to search again using a Job Family filter such as Customer Service or use keywords that are likely to be in the job description.


A job alert runs your search automatically every Monday through Friday evening. If the search finds any new jobs that meet your criteria, you will receive an email. The next time the job alert searches job openings for you, it checks for new jobs added since your last email (you will not receive duplicate emails).


  1. Sign in or create an account.
  2. Click on Job Alerts in the upper right corner. 
  3. Click on Create Job Alert.
  4. You will be required to name your job alert and select a frequency of notifications, either daily or weekly.
  5. Then you can populate any of the fields on the Create Job Alert to specify what types of job requisitions you should receive an alert for.  In the State category you will first identify the country and then the states within that country will be selectable.
  6. You can filter on as few or as many of the criteria as you want.

No. You only receive new job postings with each notification.


  1. Sign-in to your account  
  2. Click on the Job Alerts in the upper right corner
  3. From the Manage Job Alerts page click on the down arrow next to Manage on the alert you want to Manage
  4. Click on Edit to make updates to the job alert; or
  5. Click on Delete to stop receiving job alerts for this search. Then select OK on the pop-up page to confirm.


To check the status of your application, go to the My Application panel within the Candidate Home page to view the status of any active or inactive application with the respective tabs. It is the most current information available to candidates. Recruiter names, hiring manager names, and contact information are not available on job applications or from system support resources.


No. It’s not required; however, entering your information directly into those fields is the best way to ensure that your information is searchable by recruiters, particularly the information entered in the Work Experience and Licenses & Certifications sections.

Adding your experience and skill information: To enter information in the Work Experience, Education, Certifications, and Language Skills sections, click Add in the respective section and you will be prompted to provide relevant details. Note that if you add a resume, you are not required to fill out any of these sections with one exception. If you are applying for a job that is designated as an early talent job opening, you are required to provide additional school and degree information.

Work Experience: If you are entering information about your current job click the I currently work here button and enter your start date. Click Add Another to add more work experience. Click Save and Continue when finished.

Education: This section will allow you to list one or all of the degrees you have earned, along with the field of study and the school where you acquired the degree. You can also enter multiple degrees. Note that if you are applying for an early talent job, you will be required to provide additional pertinent information about at least one degree. Enter in School or University name. Select Degree from dropdown menu. Click Add Another to add more education. Click Save and Continue when finished.

Certifications: In this section, enter any licenses or certifications. To see a list of available licenses or certifications click within the search bar and click “Various”. This will expose the list of available selections. You can optionally provide the certification number, issue date and expiration date. Click Add Another to add more work certifications. Click Save and Continue when finished.

Languages: List any languages you are proficient in. You will be asked to indicate if the language entered is your primary language and what proficiency level (Beginner, Intermediate or Fluent) you are in Reading, Speaking and Writing in this language.


If you select Use My Last Application and have applied to a position previously, the system will prepopulate your contact information and experience, certifications, language, and resume attachment, as applicable.  You will need to manually indicate how you heard about the position and complete the application questions and voluntary disclosures for each application. If you select Use My Last Application, but this is your first time applying to the position, the system will display an alert to inform you the application was not auto filled. You can then continue to complete your application manually or return to the job posting and select another choice.

When Autofill with Resume is selected, you will be prompted to upload your resume. The system will parse your resume to autofill your contact information (name, address, phone), Work Experience, Certifications and Languages, as applicable. Note: there may be information that does not autofill or display correctly. You will need to review the information to ensure all required fields are captured, and the information is auto filled in the correct area. You will need to manually complete the application questions and voluntary disclosures.

You can also Apply Manually and enter your information directly into the application.


After you submit an application, changes cannot be made to the application, resume, or attachments.


Due to our regulatory obligations, you cannot delete resumes from the system.


You must apply separately to each job opening.


An email will notify you that Wells Fargo successfully received your application. You can also sign on and go to the Candidate Home page to view your status for the job opening you applied for.


On the Candidate Home you will see Draft Applications. Click on the Manage dropdown menu next to the draft you want submit and select Continue Application. Please note: You will only be able to submit an application if the job posting is still active.


On the Candidate Home you will see Draft Applications. Click on the Manage dropdown menu next to the draft you want to delete and choose Delete. A pop up will ask you to confirm by either selecting Delete or Cancel.


Important: When you withdraw your submitted application from a job opening, the tool prevents you from reapplying to the job.

To withdraw an application:

  1. On the Candidate Home page, you will see Submitted Applications.
  2. Click on the Manage dropdown menu next to the application you want withdrawn and choose Withdraw. 
  3. A pop up will ask you to confirm by either selecting Withdraw or Cancel.


Wells Fargo requires job screening assessments for a small number of job types to determine whether candidates have the appropriate skills, abilities, and other characteristics important for succeeding in that role.

If you apply for a job that requires an assessment, you will receive an email with additional instructions. Even if you have applied to a similar job previously, it is important that you follow the directions provided for that individual job.


  • You cannot re-apply to the same job opening.
  • You can apply to different job requisitions even with the same job code and title. However, an assessment outcome is generally valid for six months. Any job requisition that has the same assessment will use the existing outcome for that period of time.
  • You can also apply to other jobs that are either non-assessed or use a different assessment.


All candidates are asked this question so that we can confirm rehire eligibility early in the hiring process.

If you identify as having worked at Wells Fargo previously:

  • The system will prompt you to provide additional information that will help it match you to personnel records.
  • If you are not eligible for rehire at Wells Fargo, you will receive an email that will provide directions if you wish to ask questions.

No. You cannot reapply for a position if you have been declined for it. Before submitting your application for a position, ensure you have accurately answered all of the questions in the application process.


My notifications and emails

There are several third-party companies aligned with Wells Fargo for specific features of the application process. You should follow their instructions to continue with your application.

Some positions require an On-Demand Screen (ODS), which is provided by a third-party vendor. An ODS is a type of preliminary interview where applicants record video responses to pre-set questions. If the job requisition you applied to requires the submission of an ODS, the third-party vendor will email you instructions. It is important you follow the instructions provided in the email as quickly as possible.

Many positions require a phone screen interview with a recruiter. If you are selected for a recruiter phone screen interview you will be contacted to schedule a date and time. The method of scheduling may vary from being invited to self-schedule or you may be contacted by Recruiting directly to set up a date/time.


You received the email because a Wells Fargo employee that you know thinks you are a good fit for that job. This email notification provides the job requisition information and outlines the step-by-step directions that you need to follow to initiate the referral. You must use the link that is provided in the email notification to complete the application process.

It is very important that you take action on this email as quickly as possible as the posting dates for the job requisition must be active at the time you submit your application.

Account information

You can search for jobs without signing on, but you must create an account and sign on to:

  • Apply for jobs
  • Manage previous or draft applications
  • Sign up for or manage job alerts
  • See the status of submitted applications
  • Edit your account settings
  • Respond to tasks delivered to your Candidate Home page

No. Your assessment outcome is only visible to recruiters and the manager associated with that job.

Updates to contact information can be made on the Candidate Home page. Click Update Contact Information to make and save any changes.


Voluntary disclosures

The questions presented on the Voluntary Disclosure page vary by country.  A response is required for any question marked with a red asterisk.  All other questions are voluntary and may be skipped if you prefer not to answer.

In the United States, Wells Fargo is required by U.S. law to ask every job seeker to optionally disclose their disability status, veteran status, gender, race and ethnicity.

When job seekers share this information, it helps with assessing how Wells Fargo is doing with ongoing compliance and regulatory activities as well as for our diversity and inclusion efforts – all of which are core values at Wells Fargo.

Neither the hiring manager nor recruiters see your individual responses and your responses do not affect your eligibility or consideration for the position.

For candidates in the United States, the disability form on the Self-Identify page requests job seekers to select one of three options as specified by the federal government. The U.S. Department of Labor, through enforcement of a variety of federal regulations, requires that all covered employers include this disability self-identification form during the application process, and for those who are hired, over the course of employment. If you apply for a job and are hired by the company, you may be asked on more than one occasion to provide this information. You are not required to share the information, but we hope you will choose to answer or validate the information even if your answer has not changed.

Submission of this information is voluntary and refusal to provide it will not subject you to any adverse treatment. You also may change or deselect previous choices to this question at any time. Information you submit will be treated as confidential. Disclosure and usage will be limited to: (i) supervisors and managers who need to know if you can benefit from work accommodations; (ii) first aid and safety personnel when necessary; (iii) government officials auditing compliance with applicable laws; (iv) disclosure where otherwise required by law; and (v) in support of Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity regulations and Wells Fargo Diversity programs.

You are not required to disclose that you have a disability as part of the application process. However, if you need an accommodation at any time during the application process, you may be asked to disclose information about your medical limitations as part of Wells Fargo's Accommodations process.

If due to a chronic medical condition or disability you need accessibility or accommodation assistance in the job application or interview process, candidates in the United States can contact our Accommodations Management team by telephone at 1-877-255-1606 or via email at We accept all relay calls, including 711. Refer to the Accommodations assistance section for further information.

Recruiters and hiring managers do not see your name associated with any answers provided. This information is aggregated to help Wells Fargo assess the effectiveness of our compliance and regulatory obligations as well as our diversity and inclusion efforts.

In the United States Wells Fargo is committed to increase the number of military veteran employees to 20,000. In support of that effort, US recruiters can filter applicants that have self-identified as a military veteran. However, no further details about your military status will be visible.

Yes, if you have not yet submitted your application, you can modify your responses. After clicking Submit, you cannot change your responses in that application.

You may also change your voluntary disclosure responses when applying to a new job opening.

If you become an employee of Wells Fargo, you will be able to update your voluntary disclosure information at any time.


My applications

The Candidate Home page contains a row for each job you have applied to along with the status of the application (e.g., Draft, Review).

To view submitted applications listed on the Candidate Home page, click on the Manage dropdown and select View My Submitted Application. The Application page will display.

Note: After submitting an application, you cannot change any of the information.

To view submitted applications listed on the Candidate Home page, click on the Manage dropdown and select View My Submitted Application. The Application page will display.

  • The resume will be at the bottom of the application page, but you can only see the file not open the resume.
  • You cannot delete resumes from this list or from applications you already submitted.
  • You cannot add a new resume directly to the My Job Applications page. Whenever you edit a draft application, or apply for a new job, you can add a new resume or reattach an existing resume.

Mobile search and apply

On your mobile device, use your browser to access


No. Your user-name, password, and profile details are shared on both Mobile and Desktop Careers platforms along with all other job search and application activities.

Yes, all activities (e.g., sign-on credentials, profiles, searches, and applications) are accessible from both the mobile and desktop Careers platforms.

This is a setting on your phone or tablet’s browser. We don’t recommend saving passwords on any device.

Wells Fargo’s Search for Jobs application works with most smartphone and tablet devices using the most recent Android and Apple operating systems.

You can attach a document from your mobile device. Options for the source of your resume will depend on your device and your local storage options. Mobile users should be able to select a resume from a cloud if you have mobile applications such as Microsoft (MS) OneDrive or Apple iCloud on your device.

Other alternatives for adding your work experience:

  • Submit without a resume document and enter your work experience and other information directly in the application
  • Save your application as Draft on your mobile device, and then sign on from your desktop to upload a resume located on that platform


When searching for a job on your mobile device, the filter icon will expose filters that will help in narrowing your job search.

No. Wells Fargo doesn’t accept a picture of a resume on any platform, mobile or desktop.


Your phone or tablet’s general settings and browser-specific settings often control how you see pages on your device. Check these settings to verify they are set for the best mobile experience. For example, you may want to confirm that your device is not defaulting to a site’s desktop presentation. You may also need to verify that cookies and pop-ups are appropriately enabled for the sites you visit.

Note: To enhance the application process, if you move your mobile device to a landscape (horizontal) position, you will see some fields in totality that otherwise you may have to scroll to see in a portrait (vertical) position.


Yes, the job search and apply experience is also available in French Canadian. To change the default language, click on the English link next to the Sign In option. You will see a drop-down option to change it to French Canadian. Each job posting in Canada will provide a full translation in French Canadian. To access a fully translated application please follow the directions in a job posting.

Accommodations assistance

To request a medical accommodation in the application or interview process due to your own ongoing medical condition or disability, contact our Accommodations Management team by email or phone (U.S. only) 1-877-255-1606. This line is available Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Central Time. We accept all relay calls, including 711.

*The telephone and the email address above are reserved solely for job seekers with disabilities requesting accessibility assistance or an accommodation in the job application process. Messages left for other purposes, such as following up on an application or non-disability related technical issues, will not receive a response.

To request a medical accommodation in the application or interview process due to your own ongoing medical condition or disability, contact our Accommodations Management team by email or phone (U.S. only) 1-877-255-1606. This line is available Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Central Time. We accept all relay calls, including 711.

*The telephone and the email address above are reserved solely for job seekers with disabilities requesting accessibility assistance or an accommodation in the job application process. Messages left for other purposes, such as following up on an application or non-disability related technical issues, will not receive a response.

Examples of accommodations may include making interview locations accessible, arranging for American Sign Language interpreters, or facilitating alternate methods of communication.

Technical issues

To avoid system timeouts, click any activity button at least once every 20 minutes.

To find your application:

On the Candidate Home page, do you see the application in Draft status?

  • Yes: Next to your application, click the Manage dropdown menu. Select Continue Application
  • No: Search for the job again, and then click Apply to Job.

To change your password:

  1. From the Search for Jobs page, click Sign On 
  2. Click Forgot Password, You will receive an email and you can follow the instructions on the email to change your password.

To change your email address:

  1. Go to the Candidate Home page.
  2. Click on Edit Account Settings. Type in new email and click Submit.

The system requires that passwords be reset every 60 days. If you try to sign on to your account and your existing password has expired, the tool prompts you to reset the password.

Select a password that:

  1. Has a minimum of eight total characters with at least one digit, one lowercase character, one uppercase character, and one special character from the set (!@#$%^&*-_=+\|]}[{;:/?.><,`).
  2. Does not match your user-name.
  3. Does not match any of your email addresses.
  1. On the Search for Jobs page click Sign In.
  2. A pop-up will prompt you to enter your username and password. Directly below those fields are two links – Create Account and Forgot Your Password. Click the desired link, and then follow the instructions on the next pop-up.

Wells Fargo implemented a new system on January 3, 2022. Candidate account information was not transitioned to this new system. All candidates will be required to sign up for a new account.

  • Google Chrome – desktop/laptop and mobile
  • Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Firefox ESR – desktop/laptop users only
  • Microsoft Edge – desktop/laptop users only (running Edge in IE mode is not supported)
  • Safari – desktop/laptop for macOS and mobile

You can only attach files with named extensions: .doc, .docx, .rtf, .odt, .pdf, .txt.

No. Most Internet browsers have two settings that allow a user to choose how a website can store content:

  1. Allow local data to be set (recommended)
  2. Block sites from setting any data

Selecting the first option will allow you to use the mobile and desktop Find a Job sites. The second option will prevent you from using the mobile and desktop Find a Job sites. For more information, review the Wells Fargo Policy on Digital Privacy and Cookies.