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Gary Lam 1600X400

Gary Lam

Investment Banking Program Analyst

“It's a growing platform where you can be part of the growth story, making it an ideal starting point for anyone looking to make a mark in the banking industry."


Can you share your journey into banking and how you landed your role at Wells Fargo? What advice would you give to other students aspiring to enter the banking industry?

My journey into banking began with an unexpected twist. I initially majored in politics, driven by a passion for understanding governmental systems. However, a few finance courses piqued my interest and led me to switch my degree to a Bachelor of Commerce. Recognizing the pivotal role of internships in launching a finance career, I dove headfirst into networking and seeking out internship opportunities.

In my second year, I discovered an internship program with Wells Fargo and was thrilled to secure a summer internship offer. The experience was enlightening and enjoyable, solidifying my passion for banking. My dedication and enthusiasm during the internship paid off when I received a return offer from Wells Fargo.

For students aspiring to enter the banking industry, my advice is to actively network and connect with professionals. Networking can open doors to opportunities and provide invaluable insights. Additionally, staying updated with market trends and developments is crucial. Understanding the latest financial products and the technical aspects of banking will give you a competitive edge.

Could you describe your experience on the graduate scheme at Wells Fargo? What were the highlights and challenges, and how has it prepared you for your future career?

The graduate scheme at Wells Fargo was incredibly enriching. One of the key highlights was the comprehensive training program that began on day one. Meeting fellow global graduates at our hub in Charlotte, NC for an intensive 8-week training program was a fantastic start. This training equipped us with the essential knowledge needed to excel in our roles.

The learning didn't stop after the initial 8 weeks. We continued to receive regular training focused on personal development and product knowledge, which helped me build a strong personal brand and stay updated with the latest industry trends.

Adapting to work within a global institution and collaborating with colleagues from different departments around the world was initially challenging. However, the supportive and friendly culture at Wells Fargo made this transition smoother. The team was always willing to offer guidance and support, which was invaluable.

What is the culture like at Wells Fargo, and how does it contribute to your professional growth and development as a graduate?

The culture at Wells Fargo is highly collaborative and values the opinions of junior team members. Working in the front office, I’ve found that senior colleagues actively provide opportunities for graduates to express their thoughts and take on significant roles within the team when they are ready.

The steep learning curve at Wells Fargo has contributed immensely to my professional growth. The dynamic environment ensures rapid development, offering experiences and responsibilities that might take years to attain in other organizations where new graduates often start with basic tasks.

This supportive and inclusive culture fosters both personal and professional development, enabling graduates to accelerate their careers and make meaningful contributions from an early stage.

What are your dreams and aspirations for your future career within Wells Fargo or the banking industry as a whole? How do you see yourself progressing within the company?

Currently, I am part of the APAC Debt Capital Markets (DCM) team, where I assist issuers with bond issuance. Over the next decade, my aspiration is to become a reputable banker with my own client base. Wells Fargo offers a clear career pathway and robust support system, which I believe will facilitate my professional growth and help me achieve my aspirations.

Why would you recommend Wells Fargo as a starting point for someone's career in banking? What sets it apart from other financial institutions, and what opportunities does it offer for career advancement and personal development?

I believe Wells Fargo is an excellent place to start a career in banking due to its comprehensive graduate program. It provides new graduates with the necessary resources and support to get a strong start. What sets Wells Fargo apart is its collaborative culture. Junior team members are encouraged to share their ideas and take on meaningful responsibilities right from the beginning. Another unique aspect of Wells Fargo is the rare opportunity to work with industry leaders and learn from them. It's a growing platform where you can be part of the growth story, making it an ideal starting point for anyone looking to make a mark in the banking industry.