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Milan Multani 1600X400

Milan Multani

Corporate Banking Analyst in Financial Institutions

“It’s not given in every bank, that you will have internal C-Suite exposure; I’ve been lucky to have exchanged ideas and guidance with the CEO of our bank, on an individual level, that’s really something special."


Can you share your journey so far? What advice would you give to other students aspiring to enter the banking industry?

My own journey into banking started with a fascination for finance, sparked when I moved from a small village in Punjab to the financial hub of Frankfurt. I remember I used to gaze upon the sight of Frankfurt’s skyline, a city full of banks; and it made me want to be part of that world.

I tried consulting, but it wasn’t for me. I liked banking better. During my Master’s in Finance, I learned important skills like working well with others and understanding complex financial ideas. So, I began my career at an investment bank in Luxembourg, where I gained broad experience and secured a full-time role in client services. However, my ambition to directly engage with clients led me to the Wells Fargo Graduate Programme. This opportunity was perfect, offering the chance to become a Coverage Banker and use my skills within a major American bank in Europe.

For anyone wanting to get into banking, my advice is to learn as much as you can, find people who can guide you, and always be ready to take on new challenges. It’s not about knowing finance; It’s about the people you meet and the stories you create together.

Could you describe your experience on the graduate scheme at Wells Fargo?

Landing the Graduate Analyst spot at Wells Fargo was a dream come true, providing invaluable experiences from Charlotte to London to Dublin.  I have to pinch myself sometimes remembering the young me, who used to look up at those Frankfurt skyscrapers, and is now shaking hands in their boardrooms.

The training was intense, and included a four-week program in Charlotte and quarterly workshops in London; it was like a masterclass in banking. These sessions sharpened my skills and pushed me to collaborate and succeed.

The program wasn’t just about hard work; it was also about building lifelong connections with peers worldwide. These relationships made the challenging moments enjoyable. The fast-paced environment and complex financial analyses were tough, but they fostered growth and confidence.

Support and mentorship from colleagues and managers were crucial. I’m especially grateful for Michael Wolff, Niels Mogensen, and Mohamed El Gohonmy, who have been more than managers—they’ve been mentors and guiding lights. The graduate scheme was so much more than a stepping stone; it was a launchpad, equipping me with the tools and confidence to excel.

What is the culture like at Wells Fargo, and how does it contribute to your growth as a graduate?

Wells Fargo’s culture is all about growth, support, and collaboration. From day one, I felt like a valued member of a family dedicated to my success. The culture emphasizes diversity, fresh ideas, and continuous improvement, creating a productive environment for professional development.

The collaborative spirit at Wells Fargo means we lift each other up, share knowledge freely, and celebrate collective success. This supportive atmosphere has been the backbone of my growth, turning every challenge into an opportunity for learning and advancement.

What are your dreams and aspirations for your future career within Wells Fargo or the banking industry as a whole?

I aim to become a respected Coverage Banker for Financial Institutions at Wells Fargo in Germany, managing strategic client relationships. I’m already gaining experience with clients in Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, and my goal is to take on more responsibility and cover strategic FIG clients globally.

I’m inspired by the managers who have guided me, and I aspire to follow in their footsteps. My focus areas include payments, capital markets, trade finance, and DCM sectors. I’m eager to grow within Wells Fargo, leveraging my skills and the company’s resources to make a significant impact.

Why would you recommend Wells Fargo as a starting point for someone's career in banking?

Wells Fargo is a fantastic place to start a banking career due to its commitment to personal and professional growth. The inclusive culture makes everyone feel welcome, and the global presence offers exposure to diverse markets and international banking. I feel especially grateful for the access to leadership I’ve experienced here. It’s not given in every bank, that you will have internal C-Suite exposure; I’ve been lucky to have exchanged ideas and guidance with the CEO of our bank Fiona Gallagher, on an individual level, that’s really something special.

Wells Fargo provides structured career paths with room for personal design. Opportunities to lead projects, gain international exposure, and interact with C-suite executives set Wells Fargo apart. The company's dedication to recognizing and nurturing talent ensures that your career is more than just a job; it’s the beginning of an exciting and fulfilling journey.