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Stella Cho 1600X400

Stella Cho

Securities Sales Program Analyst

“The graduate program at Wells Fargo has not only provided me with essential training and exposure to various aspects of the business but also instilled in me a sense of belonging and support within the organization."


Can you share your journey into banking and how you landed your role at Wells Fargo? What advice would you give to other students aspiring to enter the banking industry?

My journey into banking began with a deep interest in finance, which naturally led me to explore the world of banking. During my undergraduate studies, I secured an internship at a hedge fund, working as an Equity Research intern. This experience was invaluable, allowing me to conduct comprehensive analyses of various market securities while monitoring and evaluating market trends. This exposure propelled me towards Private Banking and Sales & Trading, eventually leading to a role as a fixed-income summer analyst at Wells Fargo. Through dedication and hard work, I was fortunate enough to transition into a full-time analyst position at the company.

For university students, my advice is to embrace the vast array of opportunities that university life presents. Explore diverse experiences and internships during your studies. You may uncover unexpected passions and interests, as I did with fixed-income products. Even if your previous experiences may not seem relevant to your desired job, the knowledge you acquire and the connections you make can greatly benefit your future. Continuously seize opportunities, remain open to new experiences, and leverage the knowledge gained from each step along the way.

Could you describe your experience with the graduate scheme at Wells Fargo? What were the highlights and challenges, and how has it prepared you for your future career?

The graduate scheme at Wells Fargo has been a transformative experience, providing a strong foundation for my career. The mentorship program and coffee chat opportunities within the company have been invaluable, helping new graduates like myself to quickly adapt and feel a part of the Wells Fargo family.

One of the highlights was the three weeks of graduate analyst training at our office in the United States. This opportunity allowed me to meet and connect with US colleagues who collaborate with our Asia offices daily. It greatly facilitated my understanding of the team structure, promoted information sharing, and led to smoother collaboration. The international colleagues I met during this time have become precious friends, and the memories we created together are cherished.

Of course, there have been challenges along the way. However, the experienced colleagues have been instrumental in guiding me through these challenges. Their expertise and willingness to share their knowledge have proven immensely helpful, allowing me to learn and develop my skills. Overall, the graduate program at Wells Fargo has not only provided me with essential training and exposure to various aspects of the business but also instilled in me a sense of belonging and support within the organization. I am confident that the experiences and skills I have gained will serve as a solid foundation for my future career growth.

What is the culture like at Wells Fargo, and how does it contribute to your professional growth and development as a graduate?

Wells Fargo places a great deal of trust in junior professionals like myself. As a new graduate, I have the opportunity to work with diverse client groups, including large regional bank branches. This exposure to direct client interaction has accelerated my learning process, allowing me to gain valuable insights alongside my clients. As a first-year analyst, I envision myself expanding and strengthening client relationships while acquiring extensive product knowledge. This growth will enable me to provide enhanced support and guidance to my clients, fostering deeper connections and understanding. As I continue to develop in my role, I am committed to upholding this trust and delivering exceptional service to clients.

What are your dreams and aspirations for your future career within Wells Fargo or the banking industry as a whole?

My experience as an analyst at Wells Fargo has provided me with a valuable platform for refining my technical skills through practical learning opportunities. During my first year, I witnessed the dynamic nature of the market and the gradual expansion of the clients I served. These experiences have deepened my understanding of market cycles and the diverse investment products clients seek. They have also instilled in me a strong sense of sales responsibility, as I actively engage with clients from initial education to trade execution. Looking ahead, I am eager to further develop existing client relationships and explore new opportunities within the banking industry. By staying informed about market trends and continuously expanding my knowledge, I aim to provide innovative products and services that ensure client satisfaction and success. By consistently delivering exceptional results, embracing innovation, and providing outstanding service to clients, I aim to contribute to the overall success and growth of the organization.

Why would you recommend Wells Fargo as a starting point for someone’s career in banking?

Wells Fargo provides a platform to explore different domains and gain exposure to diverse financial products and services. This exposure allows graduates to discover their areas of interest and develop specialized expertise. Additionally, Wells Fargo places a strong emphasis on personal and professional development, offering various training programs, mentorship opportunities, and internal resources to support people in their growth journey. These initiatives enable graduates to enhance their skills, expand their knowledge, and stay updated with industry trends and best practices. By offering a solid foundation, exposure to diverse banking sectors, and a supportive environment, Wells Fargo encourages growth and empowers people to succeed in the dynamic and challenging field of banking.