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Inside the office of Wells Fargo

[Music playing through entire video]

[Visual: The title “Inside the office of…Wells Fargo” appears. Team members discuss the work of their group.]

[Visual: Kelli begins speaking with a living green wall behind her. The scene changes to an external roof top view of city buildings while Kelli and a team member have a conversation, then transitions to three team members walking down a hallway together.]


Kelli: We have nearly 280,000 team members. It's like a small country of different abilities, different walks of life. I meet amazing people every day. My job is so unique that I have that opportunity to have a conversation, have a story, and walk away with something that's actually going to shape how we do work here at Wells Fargo.


[Visual: While Gabriella speaks the scene is of two team members having a conversation then transitions to Gabriella speaking to the camera.]


Gabriella: There is a great opportunity to build your career at Wells Fargo. I feel like a really junior team member. And tomorrow will be my 14-year anniversary. I've got people on my team that have been here 28 years, 35 years. Probably a third of the team has been here over 20 years.


[Visual: Ramon begins to speak with the scene displaying an outside Wells Fargo sign and building entrance then an interior Wells Fargo sign and stage coach. The camera transitions to Ramon sitting on a couch in a gathering space.]


Ramon: It's been a rough couple of months for Wells Fargo, and our reputation took a hit. But I'm excited to see and to know that I think the right people are in the right places within and throughout the company to help us rebuild, reconnect, and provide the best financial services possible.


[Visual: The scene returns to Kelli and coworkers on the rooftop with tall buildings in the background, then transitions to her speaking with team mates in an open meeting space.]


Kelli: Wells Fargo is an 160-year-old company, but it doesn't feel like it. When you come into our offices, we want you to feel comfortable. But at the same time, when you come in here as a team member, you have this creative space, this open space around you. In fact, once you walk off the elevator and you see the open floor plan, you would be hard pressed to say you're at Wells Fargo.


[Visual: The scene is of Ramon sitting at a round table with team mates, transitioning to him speaking to the camera.]

Ramon: In any role that I've ever taken on at Wells Fargo, I was given the resources, not only in terms of materials, but also people. It's always been an environment where I was able to ask questions. And if you're willing to do that, I think you can do really well at Wells Fargo.


[Visual: Gabriella is speaking with three team mates then speaks directly to the camera, concluding with the view of her and the team mates.]


Gabriella: Something I find interesting about Wells Fargo is people will leave the company because they think the grass is greener on the other side. And oftentimes they come back. The fact that we're collaborative and we build teamwork and we're not as competitive as you might think, we really support one another. People come back for that. They come back for the people and for the culture.


[Music playing]


[Visual: The following text appears on-screen with the Wells Fargo logo:
Want To Work At Wells Fargo?]